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Hi Jennifer,
I spoke with Ebon, Laura, and two of the weekend dance instructors, and they were all delighted with the cleanliness of the floors, lobby, and washrooms following Thursday night. Thank you so much for the thorough cleaning. I just wanted to let you know that everyone was very pleased with Ladybug, and we are so glad that this is working out so well.

Best wishes,


I just wanted to send a big Thank you to the team who was yesterday to clean my home. It was absolutely SPARKLING. It was definitely an "above and beyond" clean and even today I found myself touching surfaces thinking "they cleaned this too?!?!"

Please pass along a big thank you for me.


I hired Ladybug cleaners to clean the house my daughter bought prior to her moving in. The house was left extremely dirty. Windows were filthy, appliances disgusting, floors were deplorable, bathrooms were scummy. Just dreadful. I was seriously concerned about what my daughter bought. When we arrived at the house with all her furniture and belongings it was like a different house from when I last saw it. These 2 ladies did an amazing job on what was probably the hottest most humid day of the year. I can't say enough positive things about the work they did. Fantastic!!!

Karen Pearson

Overall, for the amount of time they were there, I am happy with what they were able to accomplish and would use your services again.

Chris George

Hey Jennifer,
I just want to thank you and your team SO much for your wonderful clean of my messy student house. The difference only two hours made is just incredible, I am so grateful!


I wanted to let you know everything was great on Wednesday! It was so lovely to walk into a clean home. Nothing was missed. I appreciate all the hard work the ladies do, their pleasant attitude, and appreciate all your help, too.

Thanks for following up!

Just wanted to provide some positive feedback to the ladies who cleaned today. It looks amazing! Caught all the corners and left it looking sparkling.

Warm regards
Judy - Kingston ON

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say I was very very pleased with the cleaning done today. I have been happy with all cleaning but tonight I keep finding little areas that are unexpectedly sparkly (like a mirrored box on the back of my toilet) or areas where items have been nicely tidied and arranged (like items on the counter of the other bathroom).
And of course.... having my toilet paper folded to a point always makes me smile. All those little touches really make a big difference :)

Please pass along to today's team my thanks and appreciation :)

- Karen

I would highly recommend LadyBug Cleaners. Jennifer and her team are kind, professional, wonderful people. And, they will make your home sparkle! A big thanks to the LadyBug Miracle cleaners!
Jacqui C 

The cleaners did a wonderful job thank you! It was so lovely coming home to a new house and I will definitely be using you again!

LadyBug Cleaners came in to clean my stove and oven. It hadn't been done in several years, and was bad enough that it would smoke every time I cooked! After they were done, it looked brand new and works like a charm. They were pleasant and very quick to get a good job done! I will definitely use them again in the future.
John McIntyre

It was so nice to come home to a house that looked and smelled clean and tidy! Thanks for the great work ladies!
Angela L

The Ladybugs clean our establishment, the Iron Duke on Wellington, every Saturday & Sunday morning. They are thorough, professional, punctual and friendly. We are very happy with the services they provide!!
Amanda Gould

Very friendly and good service
October 10, 2012

They were very thorough and did a great job! Would definitely recommend :)
October 19, 2012

HI LadyBugs,

Thanks for the great cleaning today, the house looked fantastic!
Cathy Doyle

Was very pleased with the service I received. Very friendly staff and professional job done.

Hi Jennifer

I just wanted to send some positive feedback. The house was thoroughly cleaned today...particularly the upstairs. I think maybe the basement stairs were done too. I also noticed that things like the railing upstairs was thoroughly dusted and tops of bookcases were cleaned where possible. Anyway, just wanted to send that along. I loved that it was really throughly cleaned and initiative was taken as opposed to me pointing out an area that needed special attentions. So thanks!

I was so happy to come home to a clean and tidy house. Thank-you.

Professional Cleaning Services in Kingston and Surrounding Areas
Professional Cleaning Services in Kingston and Surrounding Areas
Professional Cleaning Services in Kingston and Surrounding Areas

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